One of Those Dreams

What woke me was sobbing.

In that state of not fully awake, but aware of waking, I tried to find my way back to the dream. I tried to find my way back to her. Then I realized the sobbing sounds were from my own throat. As I fought harder to hold on a moment longer to seeing her, touching her, smelling her hair…the sobbing only grew stronger.

In the dream, she was real and her presence only provided more confusion. I asked her how and why. She replied, “to see you silly.” Then I awoke within the dream and realized this moment with her was a gift so stop questioning and be close to her. I tried to take as much of her in as I could, to hold on to her tighter so that maybe she could stay longer. I started to say how much I love her and miss her but the words were lost as the reality of seeing her again took control and gave in to emotion.

Cry, Little Sister

Mornings arrive and many nights pass,

Memories of her forever last.


Childhood laughter and tear streaked faces,

Echo in my thoughts and leave faint traces.


A familiar face in the children she bore,

Although her smoky voice will be heard no more. 


Long, wavy locks that floated as she danced

Hips swaying to music, lost in a trance.


She knew things some could never understand,

Sometimes a foe, eternally a friend.


Shared experiences led her to a painful journey,

A life cruelly stolen, a mother taken too early.


Each day I am gifted is truly a treasure.

This life brings to me fulfillment beyond measure.


Still sorrow waits in misty morn and sun-kissed mixture,

Love and joy do not lessen the loss of a sister.