Stronger Than

The ebb and flow of life’s many tides

May at times push you down or aside.

While often difficult to catch a breath,

Lessons can be learned when under the depths.

Although, easy to give in and simply float,

Would life, then, be anything worth taking note?

Let honesty be your eyes and love your truth,

This is what separates a man from his youth.

Remember, going along with the current, 

Is not always what is best for the spirit.

When you reach the shore, exhausted and tried,

Rejoice that you were stronger than the tide.

Honesty Manifest

honesty-herb-jordanThere is a lump in my throat,
That I feel with each swallow.
My heart beats in my ears,
as if I were hollow.

Under furrowed brow,
tear stained cheeks glisten.
Shaded eyes conceal hurt,
along with confusion.

Pictures of him run through my mind,
whose captions I will never know.
How damning is a certain lie,
when whispered through lips of a beau.

Experience has made me rich,
giving strength through life’s transitions.
Vulnerable but without blench,
I choose Love over demission.