Morning Cheekiness


Good morning sunlight on my face,

peeking through curtains like a hesitant admirer;

a snooze alarm of giggles from another room.


Sleepy eyed consciousness;

a caffeinated aroma soothing the haze.

Joy cometh in the morning!


Ode to you, my creamy pleasure!

Fill my cup. Fill it to the rim.

Espress yourself. Indulge.


Ode to you my morning lover, delighting my senses!

Le Temps De Vivre Plus Fort.

Carte Noire luxe.


Ode to you, daily dose of goodness!

Taste sensation.

Perfection in a cup.


Ode to the best part of waking up!

Sugar and spice and everything nice.

You are good to the last drop. ❤