One of Those Dreams

What woke me was sobbing.

In that state of not fully awake, but aware of waking, I tried to find my way back to the dream. I tried to find my way back to her. Then I realized the sobbing sounds were from my own throat. As I fought harder to hold on a moment longer to seeing her, touching her, smelling her hair…the sobbing only grew stronger.

In the dream, she was real and her presence only provided more confusion. I asked her how and why. She replied, “to see you silly.” Then I awoke within the dream and realized this moment with her was a gift so stop questioning and be close to her. I tried to take as much of her in as I could, to hold on to her tighter so that maybe she could stay longer. I started to say how much I love her and miss her but the words were lost as the reality of seeing her again took control and gave in to emotion.