Words of Redemption


I would like to share a story with you. It’s a favorite story of mine because it is a story of sacrifice. It is a story of stories. It is a story of one of histories greatest loves.

The Persian king Shahryar, hurt and angered by the betrayal of his first wife’s unfaithfulness, beheld a daily ritual. He would select a virgin of his wish, lay with her and send her for a cruel death by beheading at dawn. He clearly did not believe in second chances. I think more importantly that he lost faith in himself and in love.

Upon the 1000th virgin death, Scheherazade- being pleasant and polite, wise and witty- volunteered herself as a bride to the king against the wishes of her father, the Grand Vizier.

It was said that Scheherazade was a lover of books, philosophy and the stories of old. As she lay in the king’s chambers the first night, she began to tell a story; a story so fantastic that she caught the king’s attention. The light of dawn lit the room before her story was complete, therefore the king kept her alive for one more night so that he could know the end. The second night, Scheherazade weaved another tale into the story of the previous evening. The king marveled more at this story than before. Upon morning the king did not send Scheherazade to her death but kept her for himself another night. Each night Scheherazade captured the king’s mind with her words until 1000 nights had passed and her story was finally complete. As he looked upon her fair face, Shahryar realized that the love he held for Scheherazade was great. She had not only captured the king’s mind, she had conquered his heart emptying it of hurt and anger.

Thus, due to her faith in herself and in giving of herself with patience and love, Scheherazade saved herself and others from death. She restored the faith and confidence of a man who was a great ruler and made her his queen. It is because of Scheherazade that we have the 1001 stories of the Arabian Nights. ❤


2 thoughts on “Words of Redemption

  1. The expressive writings within this blog, “liked” by a smattering of other bloggers, but unknown to the world.

    Are you a beautiful flower growing from a crack in a small ledge midway up a sheer precipice?
    A beautiful flower, often buffeted by the winds and storms but that refuse to let go of that crack, regrowing leaves and petals back after these have been torn away by the winds and storms of, dare I say, life?

    Again, why?

    • Thank you, e, for your kind words and for the interesting question you posed. I’m not really sure how to answer it but what woman wouldn’t like to be considered a beautiful flower at some point, even if only in thought. =)

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